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Our Legacy

When the Tee-Set Golf Club was founded in 1979, our founding sisters focused on three primary objectives: (1) to improve their golfing skills, (2) to encourage and support other women golfers and (3) to foster and develop the skills of area junior golfers.  Today we continue the legacy.  We do so appreciate their efforts and credit them for their endeavors in promoting golf amongst women and juniors in southeastern Michigan.


Soon after the establishment of the Tee-Set Golf Club two classification of members evolved.  The first classification included those ladies who actually formulated the ideas and laid the groundwork for the organization: They are known as the Tee-Set Founding Members.  Shortly afterwards, five additional ladies were invited to join the 15 founding members and were known as Tee-Set Charter Members. Together, this group of dynamic and spirited ladies laid the groundwork for changing the landscape of golf for women in the metropolitan Detroit area. The work they began is the legacy that we strive to carry on for generations of women golfers. We treasure, not only the work they put into establishing Tee-Set Golf Club but the ideals and values they incorporated into its foundation. We pay great tribute to these two groups of members, our Founding and Charter members. 


                        Tee-Set Founders                Tee-Set Charter Members

                         Julia Baldwin                           Gertrude Baker Harris*

                        Edna Bell*                                Juana Jones*

                        Della Cheatham*                    LaBonnie Meadows*

                        Laytha Danley                          Velma Mobley*

                        Arlena Franklin                        Kathleen Smith

                        Bernice Henderson*             

                        Louise Frazier*

                        Violet Jones*

                        Mae Lewis

                        Peggy Owens

                        Shirley Quarles*

                        Elizabeth Taylor*

                        Mary Watson

                        Lavinia Wingo*

                        Delores Wyatt*


These are our “forebearers”, our sisters who paved the way for a dynamic and powerful group of women golfers in the Detroit area who became known as the "Tee-Setters".  As denoted by the asterisks, some of these  founding and charter members are no longer with us in body, but are forever with us in spirit.  To all of them, we remain truly grateful for crafting this unique organization known as the Tee-Set Golf Club. They are pioneers in their time. We know their legacy and the golf club they created will endure for many years to come. 



Created by Bernice Henderson*




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